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"We are the closest Clan to StarClan, spiritually and physically, and we always know our warrior ancestors are watching over us. That is what makes us strong. No matter what trials we must endure, WindClan will last forever. "


Overview - WindClan's territory borders very close to ThunderClan's and RiverClan's territory, and the entire expanse is filled with tall grasses and bushes, with tall hills to guard them from unpleasant weather. They also have tunnels burrowing underneath their territory stretching until they reach the lake at the edge of the territory. A few run down barns are at the outskirts of the territory and wild horses have been seen trampling through the territory.

Camp - WindClan's camp is a deep crack in the land with a perfect, open view to the stars and skies. The entrance is covered with rocks, so only the sneakiest or skinniest of cats could get inside of it, but the back entrance is free of obstruction but guarded daily. Many holes line the cavern walls for easy access to food and sleeping dens, but the leader's den is a large rock that covers an underground den. The medicine cat's den is a alcove shielded from the wind and rain, kept dry by dried mud and rock from above.

The River - A large, open river cuts through Windclan and RiverClan territory, with both Clans attempting to keep their part of the river away from the other.

Ancient Stones - Three long, flat stones have been around since the Clans were first founded, and have been used for training and relaxation. However, due to it being near grassland territory, WindClan and ThunderClan have always fought over it.

Badger Rocks - Found once by a loner named Badger, these high rocks are used to test climbing and ability, and even more to to train apprentices to watch over their entire territory. Many have had broken legs, or even killed, scaling these stones.

The Gorge - Between WindClan and SkyClan territory is the gorge. Many vicious battles were fought, but many have also list their lives by accidental falls.


Leader - The Leader is the head of all of WindClan, and their word is law.

Blank, played by Blank

Deputy - The second in command of the Clan, they work tirelessly to keep their Clan active and will take the leader's place once the previous one dies or retires.

Blank, played by Blank.

Medicine Cat - The seer and healer of the Clan, they dapple in all things medicine and spiritual.

Blank, played by Blank

Medicine Cat Apprentice - A healer in training.

Blank, played by Blank.


Warriors - The hunting and fighting force of the Clan. Starts at 10 moons.

Apprentices - The in-training warriors. Starts at 6 moons.

Kits - The children of the Clan. They can not become an apprentice until their 6th moon.


Allies - None

Neutral - Everyone Else

Enemies- None


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