Pouncepaw of ThunderClan

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Pouncepaw of ThunderClan

Post by squidkid on Tue Jul 19, 2016 11:35 pm

Like a Star @ heaven Character Name: Pouncepaw (Pouncetail)

Like a Star @ heaven Character Gender: Female

Like a Star @ heaven Character Appearance: Pouncepaw is a light grey feline with white spots covering her paws, white rings wrapped around her tails, white ears, and a white bridge on her nose. Her eyes are a vibrant green.

Like a Star @ heaven Character Personality: Pouncepaw is an excitable kid with big dreams, though when it comes to actually executing them she's a bit reluctant to put in the effort. She tries hard most of the time, but when something gets too challenging, she'll probably back out if it's not very important to her.

Like a Star @ heaven Character History: ahh wip

Like a Star @ heaven Other: wip c:

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