Sandsparks of WindClan

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Sandsparks of WindClan

Post by Alex// on Tue Jul 19, 2016 10:13 pm

Character Name: Sandsparks, previously Sandy

Character Gender: Cis Male

Character Appearance: Sandsparks is a lanky Savannah cat of two years age. His coat doesn't differ much from that of the standard Savannah; he's a burnt umber sort of yellow all over with black and brown marks running from head to toe on him. His build is fairly standard as well. He's lean and muscly from constantly running across the moors. His past is still fairly evident on him though; Sandsparks has torn ears and a scar on his left cheek, and his pelt pretty ragged with missing patches of fur. His eyes are olive green with flecks of hazel in them. His nose and paw pads are a dark gray.

Character Personality: Sandsparks is a timid individual. Having been born and raised in BloodClan, he learned to keep his trap shut and follow orders, or face some steep consequences. Emboldened by the concept of 'strength in numbers', he's a lot more care free when he's around a crowd. Sandsparks believes in StarClan with all his heart, yet doesn't think he'll make it there in the end because of his involvement with BloodClan and regretfully violent past with the Clans.

Character History: Sandsparks is a BloodClanner by birth. He was dubbed Sandy back then, and grew up surrounded by creatures who didn't care or weren't alive long enough to make a difference to their ideals. He, like most BloodClanners, despised and feared the system but could do nothing to stop it. At some point, Sandy fled for the Clans and wound up in WindClan. He's afraid to this day that BloodClan will come for him.

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