Rules for WW - A Simple Guide on How to Play!

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Rules for WW - A Simple Guide on How to Play!

Post by Ponytas on Tue Jul 19, 2016 7:57 pm

Welcome to Warrior Wars!

Welcome to Warrior-Wars, a site dedicated to post-by-post roleplay loosely based in the Warrior Cat's world. We hope you have fun here in this ever changing environment Smile


1. Be polite and treat members with respect.
2. Try to keep things pg/pg-13. No explicit posts or extreme gore.
3. Please do not steal another character/art and call it your own.
4. Do not Powerplay. (Killing/Harming someone without their permission. Remember, try not do!)
5. If you encounter a problem, or someone is being hostile to you out-of-characterly, don't be afraid to get a staff member.
6. Above all, have fun. This is a roleplay site.


1. Is this based on the books? Is Firestar, Bluestar, or Spottedleaf here?

While this is based on the books, we are an alternate universe! Nothing in the books has happened here.

2. Can we play other animals besides a cat?

Yes you can! You can play cats, dogs, wolves, large cats (lions, tigers) and other animals!

3. Can we grow wings and fly? Or go invisible?

Powers and mutations are a thing in mind, but until the site gets a good shop system going, we are unable to do anything of the sort Smile

4. How do I roleplay here? Do I have to sign up for a Clan?

Nope! You can join into a Clan as though you were already there, or make a joining thread!

5. Can [Insert Character Name] become a leader or a medicine cat?

You have to earn those positions by IC means. Asking oocly will not get you these positions.


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